Parents Guide

Last Updated: 14th of May 2020

Thank you for stopping by the Ulab Games Parent’s Guide. We hope you find the information you are looking for, and will support you with any questions you may have.

In this area, we offer guidance on how to keep you and your children safe while playing our games and interacting with other players. You can find information and solutions related to privacy, age limits and in-game purchases in the Parent’s Guide below.

Our Promise

Players First

We do our utmost to provide our players with the most entertaining and enjoyable games. Our mission is to provide each player with the best experience, from app install to playing the game and customer support.


You get to decide how, when and where you experience Ulab games. We promise to provide you with upfront information about our games and their content even before the app is installed. Any in-app purchases are clearly highlighted.

Care and Support

If you have an issue with one of our games, we promise to provide you with a quick solution and support for the issue. We will assist you directly or advise you to the correct support team, whether it is contacting Apple, Google or your internet provider.

Tips for Parents and Children

We’ve added some best practice tips on how to have a safe and secure experience of Ulab games with your children. Please review them below.

Tips for Parents

  • Explain to your children that they should not give out personal details to other players.
  • Tell your children that they should not meet other players unless accompanied by you.
  • Monitor your children’s activities on gameplay websites. Better even, play with them.
  • Encourage and remind your children to report issues such as bullying, threatening or bad language, the display of unwanted content, or invitations to meet outside the game.
  • Report inappropriate behavior, using the feedback page on this site, or specific complaint mechanisms on consoles or the games’ websites.
  • Cease communication or change your child’s online ID if anything within the game or the way it evolves makes you feel uncomfortable.
  • Contact our support team if you have any questions related to privacy or online safety.
  • Have a talk with your children about payments, set up payment restrictions on the accounts they use and create rules about if they are allowed to make purchases by themselves.

Tips for Children

  • Bad behaviour, bad language, or cheating is NOT okay! You can report bad behavior through our games or by contacting support.
  • Tell your parents right away if you come across any information that makes you feel uncomfortable.
  • Do not give out personal information such as your home address, email address, telephone number, passwords or pictures.
  • Never agree to get together with someone you meet online without checking with your parents first.

Where are “Ulab Games” games Available?

You can find Treasure Hunter for phones and tablets on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

Age Limits for “Ulab Games” games

The Terms of Service for Treasure Hunter, which must be accepted to play our games, dictate that players of our games must be at least 13 years old. While the actual content in our games may be suitable for younger audiences, reasons like privacy, in-app purchases and chat interactions with other players are reasons why we’ve decided to set the minimum age to 13.

Personal Data and Privacy


During our games’ tutorial, our players are prompted to enter a username. Please ensure that this name does not identify any real life information, to keep your personal information secure. Our support team will assist you in changing any compromising or inappropriate names.

Payment Details

Ulab Games does not store any credit card information related to in-game purchases. The payment transactions are handled by either Google Play or Apple App Store in their entirety depending on the platform the purchase was made on.


When contacting us through one of our support channels you have the option to share your email address with us. We will never use your contact information for any other purposes than the one you have given explicit consent for.

You can find more information about privacy and data in our Privacy Notice.

How to Report Offensive Conduct?

If you or your child encounter offensive conduct or user content, you can report it to us by contacting us via email, or through the game by pressing Support button in Options menu. We review every report, and take action if the content is deemed disruptive, and directly or indirectly breaks our Terms of Service or Safe and Fair Play guide.

Are Your Games Free to Play?

All Ulab games are free to download and play. We offer optional in-app purchases in Treasure Hunter, which can be found from the in-game shop. Our in-app purchases are not required to play the game, but can be used to enhance gameplay as well as change the look and feel of the game.

The cost of the in-app purchases can vary in price, currently we offer purchases ranging from $4.99 to $27.00 (without added taxes) in the U.S. app stores, for example. In-app purchases are paid with real money, and are clearly labeled this way in Treasure Hunter. The purchases are accessible in-game, meaning the purchase is also made directly in the game. In-game items are not currently available from any marketplace outside of our games.

Can I Control the Purchases Made in Your Games?

There is no way to directly disable the purchases within our games. However, you can easily adjust the in-app purchase settings for your account, add password protection, or disable in-app purchases entirely through your mobile device’s general settings. The way to do this depends on whether you’re using an Apple device or an Android device. Please find the relevant instructions in the links below.



Who Processes the Purchases in Ulab games?

Ulab Games does not process any purchases made in our games directly. The purchase transactions are handled entirely by Apple for purchases on the iOS platform and by Google on the Android platform. In some cases, purchases from several different products or several separate purchases may be bundled together, and there is a possibility that your purchase receipt may be delayed for some time. These post-purchase processes are subject to change by Apple or Google.

Are My Credit Card and Banking Details Kept Private?

Ulab Games does not store any credit card information related to in-game purchases. The payment transactions are handled by either Google Play or Apple App Store in their entirety depending on the platform the purchase was made on. The receipts for these purchases are also sent to you via the email address that is registered for the account making the purchase. When contacting our support team related to a payment issue, please only send us the Google or Apple receipt, not your personal banking information. The receipt is the only proof of purchase information we require to assist you.

I Made a Real Money Purchase In-Game and Didn’t Receive What I Paid For. How to Proceed?

Most in-game purchases are instantly attributed to your game account. In the rare event that you do not immediately receive what you have purchased in the in-game store, please close the app and reopen it, as this forces the game to refresh and load data from the server.

If you still don’t see your purchase after 48 hours, please contact either Apple or Google directly for more information.

My Child Made a Purchase Without My Permission or I Was charged for a purchase I did not make. What Can I Do?

As with most downloadable software products, items bought through our game are non-refundable. The transaction process is controlled by Apple (for iOS devices) or Google (for Android devices).

For Apple (iOS) devices

Go to Apple support page, scroll down until you find the “Get Support” button. Choose “Apps & Software”, then “Mac App Store” and lastly select “Purchases, billing and redemption” and choose the option that fits your case.

For Google (Android) devices

Please send an email to game.treasurehunter@gmail.com or contact us directly through the game. Please be sure to include if the purchase was made for Treasure Hunter, which account the purchase was made on and provide us with the purchase receipt for the purchase, with transaction ID visible. The transaction ID looks similar to – ‘GPA.1234-1234-1234-12345’.

Where Can I See My Purchase History?

To review your purchase history, please check the guides below:


  1. Enter payments.google.com, then log in with your desired Google account
  2. Select “Transactions” to display your Play Store order history.
  3. Choose an individual entry to view its corresponding receipt.


  1. Open iTunes on your computer.
  2. Select your username (this should be your email address), and choose “Account”
  3. Scroll down to “Purchase History”, and choose “See All”

Didn’t Find What You Were Looking For?

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us directly via email at game.treasurehunter@gmail.com for any questions or comments you may have. Please be sure to provide details that may assist us in your email, like clear description of the issue, when it happened and any relevant account or transaction related information, like purchase receipts.

For in-game issues and technical support, you can contact us via email at game.treasurehunter@gmail.com or through our games by tapping ‘Settings’(Cogwheel Icon) => ‘Support’ => ‘Submit a Request’. We do not currently offer support over the phone.