Safe and Fair Play

Last Updated: 14th of May 2020

At Ulab Games, we want to create a fair, secure and amiable environment for all of our players. This means that we do not tolerate cheating, abuse or any other type of conduct that hurts our players or puts them at risk.

Conduct that is not in line with the practices below or our Terms of Service will lead to penalties including but not limited to temporary game suspension, permanent account closure and revoked in-game currency.

Dig with Dignity, Digger!

Abusive Behavior

Our games are place for all of us to have an enjoyable experience. Arguments and heated banter between friends or can occur sometimes. We understand, but being abusive to other players is not fun for anyone, and is prone to get out of hand.

When interacting with other players in our games or social media, please be kind and considerate to one another. This also applies to player names and descriptions.

Below are some examples of what we consider inappropriate:

  1. Hate speech, racism and other discriminatory language
  2. Sexually explicit or obscene text
  3. Threats or harassment
  4. Excessive cursing
  5. Bullying

Take action, report! If you encounter misbehavior or abusive conduct in the game, please report the offensive conduct directly with the Support button in the Options.  We will review the reports and take appropriate action. You can also contact our support team via email directly.

Abusive behavior can lead to temporary and permanent game account closure. 

Use of Third Party Software

Third party software consists of unapproved apps or scripts that manipulate our apps in any manner. Third party software aims to provide unfair advantages by altering game functionality and also puts your account and personal data at risk.

Third party software includes:

  1. Hacks, “mods”, or programs that alter game functionality
  2. “Bots”, or gameplay automation services or scripts
  3. Any other programs that aim to modify the game or provide unearned progress

Using third party software to gain an unfair advantage will result in a permanent ban and closure of in-game accounts.

Sharing, Selling and Buying In-Game Accounts

Any type of account sharing, which includes buying or selling accounts, is against our Terms of Service and prohibited by Ulab Games. Advertising account sharing or coercing other players into account sharing is also strictly prohibited.

Risks associated with account sharing and selling:

  1. The seller can keep your money and not provide you with the account
  2. The seller may continue using the account
  3. The account details can be shared with multiple people
  4. The account can already be banned
  5. If you lose the account, Ulab Games can’t provide support for account recovery
  6. Sharing or trading third party login credentials to facilitate the trade is a risk to your personal data security

Account sharing carries the penalty of permanent account closure. Account sharing is also a considerable data security risk.

Other Prohibited Behavior

  1. Impersonating Ulab Games staff
  2. Exploiting a known bug or glitch
  3. Encouraging others to break the rules
  4. Asking for or providing personal data or contact information
  5. Advertising, Spamming & Scamming using in-game chat.

These rules apply to all “Ulab Games” games. Bear in mind, if you incur a penalty, “I didn’t know about the rules” is not a valid excuse.

How Ulab Games Enforces Fair Play

When possible, we prevent abusive behavior and cheating by designing systems that proactively prevent players from taking part in prohibited behavior. Additionally, we use a mix of automated and manual review systems for moderation. We aim to be as impartial as possible with moderation, and treat every player as equally as possible. If you feel you have received an unwarranted punishment or account closure, get in touch with our support team and we will review the incident.