Ulab games Discord community rules


We want everyone to BEHAVE in our community channels (Discord, Facebook, Instagram, etc) and in our games. This means that we don’t tolerate rudeness, insulting posts or messages in any form, harassment, pointing fingers, offensive/vulgar/discriminatory language, any kind of toxic behavior or abuse towards Admins, Support, Moderators, other community members or players. The Ulab team has the final say in what is and what isn’t appropriate. If you experience harassment or toxicity, or you know that someone in the game or any community channels is being bullied in any form, please contact the Admins or Support, so we can investigate the situation.

2. You can be banned.

If you are caught breaking the first rule, the Ulab team has the full right to remove your comments or threads, flag or ban you in the game or community channels, remove your accounts or take any other necessary actions to fight inappropriate behavior. The Team has the full right to ban you/remove your content/account without any warning if they deem so.

3. Be yourself

You are not allowed to impersonate Admin, Moderator or a member of the Ulab team, and you are not allowed to post information as official information related to Ulab or their games. If there is a chance of confusing your content as official Ulab content, the content can be removed by the Admins.

4. No scamming, IP grabbing, leaking any personal information or Doxxing

Respect everyone’s privacy and anonymity. You are not allowed to share any player’s personal details (including, but not limited to a real name, gender, age, home address, phone number, email address, etc.).

We strongly advise you not to share your personal information either.

5. One account per player

Users are permitted only one account on our community channels. Creating multiple accounts can result in a permanent ban of all accounts. The account name cannot be offensive or toxic. In case you have a toxic name, admins or moderators will ask you to change the name immediately, and can kick or ban you if you fail to comply.

6. Sharing, Selling and Buying In-Game Accounts

Any type of account sharing, which includes buying or selling accounts, is against our Terms of Service and prohibited by Ulab. Advertising account sharing or coercing other players into account sharing is also strictly prohibited.

7. Third-party software

It is forbidden to use third-party applications to enhance your gameplay and thus gain an unfair advantage over other players. This means that promoting, teaching or even discussing the use of such applications is not allowed on official Ulab social media channels.

8. Send messages to appropriate channels

Make sure you’re posting in the appropriate channel. #general_discussion is a general chat with pretty loose rules, but the rest of the channels should only be used for what they’re labelled as. Please keep your chatting consistent, friendly and avoid spamming. Write messages in right channel categories, for example things not related to the game in the #offtop channel. Please use English in english channels, Russian in russian and so on.

9. No NSFW (Not Safe For Work) or inappropriate content

We don’t tolerate any form of NSFW content in the server, that is (including text and images): gore, partial nudity/pornography, or disturbing images. Posting anything from this list will result in a ban.

10. No advertisements of any kind

Posting adverts or spamming people with ads will result in warning, and if this behaviour continues – ban.